Distributed Lines

We dedicate a substantial part of our enterprise to the brands we distribute in Italy. We devote significant attention to these selected collections to create a smooth and efficient relationship with Italian opticians. We introduce our lines to the most qualified practices in the country with the help of eight agents that cover all areas of Italy.
We are proud to distribute the following eyewear brands in Italy.


A perfect blend of classic elegance and inspired style, accent the timeless world of aviation. This collection embodies the spirit of classical aviation with a touch of modern style, creating a perfect balance between sophistication and contemporary fashion.

Made with the utmost precision and attention to detail, each pair of glasses in this collection is a testament to our commitment to producing exceptional products.


Visiva – Italian Crafted Eyewear

Visiva is a superior Italian craft collection, and it performs a new combination of natural and precious elements like wood, acetate, and gemstones.

The collection style is decidedly projected towards innovation and offers several unique design concepts in the eyewear industry.


Madison Avenue – NYC

Madison Avenue is a young, urban eyewear brand providing creativity, innovation, and unique technical features. New York is an excellent source of our inspiration from the city lights, the colors, and the multiculturalism. There is no other place like it in the world; it’s the spirit of a new generation. The flair of our Italian design team brings these concepts to life.


Christian Lacroix – Paris

Visiva has started a new collaboration with Mondottica to distribute the Christian Lacroix eyewear collection in Italy, one of the emblematic figures of high fashion in the 80s. Their distinctive patterns are colorful, eclectic, and baroque, communicating all the stylistic features of the well-known French brand!
Christian Lacroix collections are available worldwide through a network of boutiques, department stores, concept stores, and specialty stores.


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