About us

Visiva is a company that develops and offers proprietary collections. In addition to this, an important part of its business consists in distributing well-known international brands in Italian market. Founded in 2015 by Stefano Castellani, the current configuration is the result of an evolution that has collected activities and skills gained in the eyewear sector since 2003 as a distributor, and since 2008 as a product manager.

Every day Visiva faces its challenges:

  • Creation of a system of attractive, useful products with a clear positioning.
  • Constant verification of internal processes: customer care, communication, commercial best-practices.
  • HR Selection and training.

These activities are carried out thanks to the contribution of commercial officers, customer service agents, administrators and external consultants. The nature of these collaborations draws effectiveness from a corporate culture based on respect and professional satisfaction.

Visiva is honored to belong to an economic sector that represents an important voice in Italian economics. The commitment to live up to it is a must.