About us

The independent eye-wear-label VISIVA was founded in 2004 in Milan by Stefano Castellani. In the following years the enterprise succeeded in establishing Visiva on the market as manufacturer and distributor. Today the company cooperates with more than 1.000 Italian opticians and is well on the way to inspire people also outside of Italy.


VISIVA follows the traditions of Italian craftsmanship and takes inspiration by the artistic wealth of our country – an enormous wealth, which has no equal in the world. Our high commitment to quality, which we are not willing to compromise on; our style, which explores new paths far off the beaten track; our attention to detail, culminates in high-quality eye-wear with clear identity . It is a declaration of love and respect to Italian cultural heritage.


In addition to VISIVA our portfolio includes a young, urban and successful line called Madison Avenue NYC. Moreover we have the exclusive distribution right in Italy for Randolph (USA) and Walter & Herbert (England) eye-wear. Two excellent brands who complete our own collections.