In the Desert

Colonial male model with double metal bridge with a decisive design. For those who love innovation at the service of classic lines. Decoration engraved in the terminal. Available in five colors In photo: M.Mastroianni model – col. 4

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Blue Light Protection

I-Connection: a specific collection for the protection of eyes exposed to the harmful light emitted by digital screens. Products designed for all those who spend a lot of time in front of a digital screen (PC, TV Tablet, Telephones). Thanks to their protective lenses, they significantly reduce visual fatigue: dryness, redness, headache, glare.

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Christian Lacroix

Visiva has started a new collaboration with Mondottica, for the distribution in Italy of the Christian Lacroix eyewear collection, one of the emblematic figures of the 80s high fashion. With their distinctive patterns, they are colorful, eclectic, baroque .. and communicate all the stylistic features of the well-known French brand! Christian Lacroix collections are available […]