A closer look at Visiva – part III – Rame

Visiva takes inspiration by an artistic wealth, which has no equal in the world. Every frame of our collection is 100 % made in Italy and pays tribute to Italian excellence. For that reason every style of Visiva carries the name of a great Italian personality and evokes elements of our history.


The style Rame is distinguishably brillant. The hollow bridge and the decently adorned temple tips add remarkable details to the classic design.





Franca Rame (1929-2013) was born into an artistic family and started from early childhood to act successfully in the theater. She became famous in the year 1962 with an ironic play about an Italian building contractor who is persistently refusing to comply with legal regulations. The sketch was not only a scandal and cause for numerous polemic disputes about the working conditions in Italian construction sites, but also the last appearance in TV for many years. During her whole life Rame concentrated on critical, in particular feminist and enlightening subjects which repeatedly attracted attention in a conservative and prudish country like Italy in the 1960s.