The Manifesto


Visiva has taken shape over several years, merging different ideas and inspirations; exploring new combinations of materials; flirting with nature; working on the stylistic tension between modernity and ancient culture. The project is a collaborative effort between Stefano Castellani (the trademark holder) and young talents, with different and complementary skills.



The product development process involves a rigorous prototyping stage. Ideas and designs are transformed into three-dimensional objects using 3D modelling technologies. With this technique we verify the ergonomics and aesthetic of each model before production.



The prototype turns into a product thanks to highly qualified Italian artisans. Patiently, they model the materials and create the eyewear we have always dreamed of producing and wearing. Wood, gemstones, acetate, are combined in new ways.



These original combinations are the imprint of Visiva style, instantly recognizable. It’s a stylistic signature that differentiates each Visiva style from other collections. The Visiva concept originates from ancient cultures, native handicraft and from the depths of our past. Aesthetic solutions that combine technological evolution with ancestral evocation. It’s the evolution that makes its circular path, and returns to the original point.



The love for our country is a big part of Visiva’s DNA. Each style is dedicated to great Italian personalities, and proudly carries their names. We celebrate all those women and men who dedicated their lives to transform their society.